Pelling is a unique and exquisitely beautiful natural paradise situated in Sikkim that makes for a brilliant honeymoon destination. It is spellbinding mountain destination sprawled across nature’s lap, in the West of Sikkim. Pelling being a cultural extravaganza and an epic hill station of serene beauty attracts a lot of honeymoon couples all through the year. It is a must inclusion in your Sikkim honeymoon tour itinerary. Explore its beauty and close-by attractions to have the complete honeymoon experience.

Sikkim offers captivating views of glorious snow-capped Kanchenjunga ranges from the balcony of the hotel or resort while sipping in a steaming cup of tea or strong coffee. Discover the beauty of the newly formed married relationship and the serene beauty of the north eastern Himalayas. Pelling is an ideal travel destination for laid back travellers as well as for adventure seekers. It has a blend of everything to keep all kinds of tourists awed and glued to its charm. The has historical ruins to take you back down the memories of human civilization to the olden days and its natural beauty soothes all souls. The tumbling waterfalls create the perfect music and the patches of soft white snow especially in winters charm its visitors beyond imagination.

Sangachoeling Monastery – A Scintillating Buddhist Pilgrimage Site

The glittering Sangachoeling Monastery was built way back in the 17th century and is an important masterpeice of the Buddhist pilgrimage circuit. The road leading to this monastery crosses through verdant forest cover and hilly topography. The Monastery is set amid exquisitely picturesque settings. The refreshing views make the trek to the monastery worthy. Located at a distance of 8.5 kilometres, Sangachoeling Monastery is one the most popular tourist places to visit in Pelling. Honeymoon couples shall find the much needed peace and solitude here.

Kanchenjunga Fall: A Tumbling White Watery Wonder

Kanchenjunga Fall forms out of a Himalayan stream that tumbles with a fresh aura. The pleasant and relaxing sound of the waterfall is like a melody that is soothing and rejuvenating. Kanchenjunga Fall easily finds a position in the must-visit destinations of Pelling and is merely an hour away from the main city. The approach road is truly a scenic route. A rocky path leads to the fall and keep you rooted to nature. It is a perennial waterfall and can be visited anytime of the year. In the monsoon, it attains the best of its gorgeousness. The site also has rope sliding adventure for the thrill seekers. The distance to the Kanchenjunga Fall from Pelling is 30 kilometres. Soak in the exquisite beauty of the fall and celebrate your love for each other.

Rimbi Waterfall – The Fall to Add Colours to Your Honeymoon

Rimbi Waterfall is another remarkably beautiful tourist attraction of Sikkim to be covered while in Pelling for a vacation. The sparkling waterfall forms the charming Rimbi River. The river is a favourite haunt of the tourists and locals alike who come here for various recreational activities like swimming and fishing. If you are a fish lover, try a local preparation of fish dish of Assala – a singular variety of fish found only here. The fall and the river can be visited all round the year. But monsoon might be tricky when the river as well as the waterfall swells up with additional water being added to the sources. Go for a swim with your partner or attempt a dripping wet sojourn under the waterfall.

Kanchenjunga National Park – Untamed and Wild Nature

Catch all the wildlife action and adventure with your partner by visiting the Kanchenjunga National Park. If you are lucky, you might even catch a rarest of rare glimpse of a elusive snow leopard, musk deer or other fascinating animals living in this part of the mountains and forests. Kanchenjunga National Park is spread over a sprawling 849 square kilometres and exhibit some exotic flora, fauna, avifauna along with dazzling glaciers. The honeymoon couples can even undertake a thrilling trekking expedition across the greenery of Kanchenjunga National Park. Permit needs to be obtained from Wildlife Education and Interpretation centre at Yuksom for undertaking such treks. The months of April to May is the best time for visiting the Kanchenjunga National Park as the weather remains at its pleasantest best and wildlife sightings are at peak. Comfortable staying facilities can be availed at the rest houses located in Yumthang and Lachung by the forest department. The distance of Kanchenjunga National Park from Pelling is approximately 32 kilometres.

Khecheopalri Lake – Where Tranquillity Meets Beauty

The serene Khecheopalri Lake carries religious significance for both Buddhists and Hindus. There is a divinity attached to it that can be felt in the profundity of the breath-taking landscapes that surround the tranquil lake. It is a favourite haunt for trekkers and explorers. The adventure-smitten newlyweds can spend a night in solitude amidst nature’s bounty in the nearby lodges that have easy access to the lake site. Khecheopalri Lake can be visited anytime of the year. But the two-day Maghe Purne celebrated sometime during the months of March or April, celebrated by chanting hymns and floating lamps on the placid lake waters is a festivity not to be missed. The distance from Pelling to Khecheopalri Lake is approximately 32 kilometres which translates to a drive of an hour. The lake is posed brightly along the Yuksom-Pelling trek which passes through misty mountain villages, singing forests and aromatic cardamom fields.

Sewaro Rock Garden – A Fun-filled and Bustling Picnic Spot

Sewaro Rock Garden is a joyous picnic spot and forms a popular tourist attraction for honeymoon couples on Holiday in Pelling. The garden is dotted with gurgling streams, refreshing fountains, manicured gardens and more. This garden is a perfect spot for spending a relaxing day with your partner. Have a cool time amidst pleasant surroundings, click lot of pictures with the picturesque backdrop and absorb the serene sights and sounds of nature. The best time for visiting the Sewaro Rock Garden would be during the frenzy of the Maghe Mela festivities celebrated annually on 14th of January. Maghe Mela or Maghe Sankranti is an important festival for the local people and it has a religious connotation in which people take holy bath in the stream.