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Sikkim Honeymoon Package from Chennai

Plan an idyllic and lazy honeymoon from Chennai to Sikkim. The road distance between Chennai and Bagdogra, the closet airport to Sikkim, is about 2202 kilometres. Honeymoon couples can travel both by air and train. Both journeys are equally enjoyable but travelling by train would no doubt be cheaper. Train journey is quite long and takes about 45 hours to travel from Chennai to New Jalpaiguri railway Station of Sikkim. From there reaching Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is smooth and takes about 4-5 hours by road. By air, the journey time from Chennai to Bagdogra, the closest airport to Sikkim, is 2 hours 35 minutes approximately by direct flight. Connecting flights will be longer depending on airline service provider and route chosen.

Sikkim is secluded and has ample mountain charm that makes for an ideal vacation. Natural beauty combines with man-made wonders to give a complete sense of thrill and satisfaction to honeymoon couples. The cool weather of Sikkim is a great relief from the strong sunny and humid climate of Chennai, which prevails almost all round the year. Viewing and sighting mountains, and that too Himalayas, is a great luxury for the travellers of Chennai.

What’s special in Sikkim for honeymoon couples of Chennai

Sikkim will be a pleasant change for the honeymoon couples from Chennai. Sikkim is fanciful for all travellers. It is a paradise for adventure lovers, trekking enthusiasts and avid mountaineers because of the wide variety of adventure activity options that the state offers. Sikkim is absolutely ideal for a laid back and relaxing honeymoon trip. You can enjoy the startling extravaganza of nature’s glamour and beauteous landscapes. Sikkim will not fail to rise up to your expectations to meet your thirst for adventure and thrill in your exclusive honeymoon package.

The journey from Chennai to Sikkim transports the young couples from the heart of the Health Capital of India to the heart of Himalayas. The sky high magnificent slopes of mountains forming the illustrious backdrop of the state of Sikkim has captured millions of tourist hearts. While Chennai has made a mark with its modern facilities in the geography of the earth and has been ranked as the ninth-best cosmopolitan city in the world by Lonely Planet, Sikkim has made an indelible impression of the map of the globe with its natural, unpolluted beauty and serenity. Chennai has the commingling of global linguistic and ethnic basis, while Sikkim is soaked in the aura of Buddhism-laced cultural inspiration. Sikkim provides fresh breath of relief from the heat and urban clutter of Chennai. The dazzling urban economy of Chennai makes you run for the material pleasures of life while the simple-living community culture of the hills re-instils the faith in ‘back-to-basics’ and the beauty of the sincerity. Chennai is a dashing and developed city of India and enjoys a lot of limelight for being the prominent capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai has been chosen as one of the 100 smart cities of India. So, walking down from the lanes of this glitzy and fashionable lanes of Chennai to the primitive jungles and snow-crested mountain tops of Sikkim is answering to the call of the wild. The deep rich green forest cover, artistically constructed ancient monasteries and the warmth of the clans of Bhutias, Lepchas, Nepalis, Gorkhas prove to be extremely alluring and interesting for the honeymooners from Chennai.

The delectable food of Sikkim for Chennai honeymoon taste buds

Honeymoon couples from Chennai not only bask in the glory of natural beauty of Sikkim and enjoy its unending charm of pleasant weather and beguiling landforms, they will also relish the delectable cuisine range of Sikkim. Let’s draw down a list of the culinary delights of Sikkim that Chennai people cannot give a miss. Sikkim is a delightful amalgamation of the spicy and the sublime tastes of Indian dishes. They spread the warmth and delight of a blend of culture, rich heritage and tradition. The food of Sikkim leaves all dazed with superbly relishing aromas and flavours. The cuisine of Sikkim presents a rich mixture of Nepalese, Tibetan and native Sikkimese flavours.

The cuisine of Sikkim is majorly non-vegetarian and includes Momos or juicy steamed dumplings made from wheat flour and stuffed with minced meat, cheese and vegetables, Thupka or the soup made from mushy noodles, vegetables and meat and cooked in traditional Tibetan style, Kinema Curry prepared from fermented soybean and usually served with rice, Gundruk and Sinki Soup prepared from fermented vegetables such as radish, cauliflower and mustard leaves, and other special and unique delicacies. You might also enjoy the special round spiralled shaped Sel Rotis made of fermented rice batter which are deep fried and served with potato or meat curry, and also the curries, soups and pickles prepared from Mesu or the fermented bamboo shoot and the traditional Sishnu soup made from nettle leaves. Non-veg lovers can also enjoy Pakku or Mutton curry made in Nepalese style and enjoyed with rice. This varied and rich blend of assorted tastes are immensely palatable and will only leave you craving for more.