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Sikkim Honeymoon Package from Mumbai

Sikkim is very alluring for travellers all across India. Sikkim sees a lot of enthusiastic nature lovers and wildlife watchers. This north eastern land forms an enchanting haven of miles of mountains, mysteries, monasteries, monks and myriad other alluring landforms. This fairy tale travel destination will be a wonderful choice for the honeymooners from Mumbai. It will give them the wonderful opportunity to explore some uncharted and glorious vales and landscapes of Indian territories that have not yet been too much commercialized. Sikkim has a unique tale to relate to every traveller and every dreamer. Honeymooners from Mumbai will love the peace and tranquillity emanating from the mountains and valleys of Gangtok, Pelling, Lachen, Lachung, Yumthang and the host of other natural jewels of Sikkim. They will be happy to explore the beautiful blend of exquisite natural scenic beauty and the marvels of nature and human creations.

Mumbai being a busy and prominent metro city of India that has been commercialised beyond imagination, Sikkim will be a retreat to heaven for Mumbaikars. There are hidden havens in Sikkim where human hands have not yet reached and have not yet been able to spoil its sacred and pristine beauty of the land. From the narrow alleys and congested neighbourhoods of Mumbai that is constantly glittering with Bollywood charm and buzzing with a sea of sweaty, tired and oppressed human faces, the open meadows, the acres of plantations and tea estates, the miles of deep green forest covers will all transport the joyous couples to a land replete with the ancient charm of yore. Sikkim honeymoon package tours from Mumbai will reveal the contast between the crowded, overloaded beaches of coastal Mumbai and serene, pure, beauteous mountain vistas of Himalayas of Sikkim.

Why Sikkim for Honeymoon from Mumbai

The busy array of street food shops catering to hundreds of eager eaters along the Mumbai streets will be replaced by the sole and solitary tea stalls selling steaming hot cups of tea made from yak milk and served with butter and some delicious Maggi to go with it. In Mumbai these crunchy street food stalls see thousands of people filling the air with cacophony constantly in search of some secluded corner; whereas the tea stalls of Sikkim set amid picturesque settings overlooking mesmerizing and placid lakes, rocky gorgeous faces of snow-clad Kanchenjunga or enthralling acres of rolling flowery meadows. Honeymoon couples in search of peace and solitude book Sikkim package tours from Mumbai. They will enjoy the magical charm opportunities for soul searching and secluded vales to get claim intimacy and romance far away from the maddening crowd. They will find some pure natural beauty that lies hidden from prying eyes, unspoilt and far from human interference.

Sikkim with its quiet seclusion would be an ideal choice for honeymoon from Mumbai. The sea of human beings and industry would be replaced by the rolling green meadows and layers of snow-capped mountains. They would be happy with the joys of nature, mountains, forests and flowers, trees and grasses instead of interacting with people and crowd, shops and malls, commotion, din and traffic.

Best time for Sikkim honeymoon tour packages from Mumbai

Mumbai is oppressive for most part of the year with a hot and humid climate. The coolest recorded temperatures of Mumbai do not go below 18 degrees Celsius in the middle of winters. The heat of the summers with mean average maximum of 32 degrees is actually too hot for comfort and added to the discomfort is the high level of humidity in the air. Grazing the outskirts of the natural beauties of Gangtok, Pelling, Lachen, Lachung, Yumthang and breathing in the cool fresh air of the mountain vistas, fragrant orchards, sparkling waterfalls and the views of the snow-capped mountain crests rejuvenates the souls and minds travellers from Mumbai. The call of the mountains of Sikkim is a divine experience for the newly wedded couples.

The freezing winters with flaky snowfall enchant all romantic hearts. Sikkim with its frozen, ice vistas will never disappoint the travel bugs. Sikkim will give them the opportunity to enjoy the cool air and unpolluted, pure, pristine beauty. The weather is a big pleasant factor to draw honeymoon couples towards vacationing in Sikkim. The cool ambience of the high-altitude magnificent terrains of Sikkim gives the pleasant feel of winters. The winters if planned for honeymoon can also add the delight and charisma of snowfall to make the honeymoon extra special. Snow fall and snow lined meadows and valleys have the power to add extra thrill to the honeymoon trip from Mumbai to Sikkim.